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Paul and Phylinda Pladies......" This was the first time we did senior pictures. We shopped around and talked to many friends and parents. At first we thought since your prices were low, that quality would be a concern. We had 2 graduate this year and both enjoyed taking the pictures at several locations. Your finished product gets an A+ with our family."

Shalee Blackmer......" My dad and I looked at a lot of different places for senior pictures. We loved the good price and how nice all the pictures looked on your website. The session was so much fun and the pictures looked fantasic. We live over an hour away but it was worth the drive and we would recommend you to everyone."

Taylor Anderson..."I was really pleased with my pictures and how they turned out. I had a good time while taking them and you were very funny. I appreciated your wife's help and I will definitely recommend you."

Juliana Alvarado... "I just came by to drop you a line and thank you for the beautiful senior pictures you took. It was getting to be the end of summer and I was determined to take my senior pictures when it was still summer. I'm glad I searched long enough to come across your site and found pictures that weren't like everyone else's. Not only that, you made it easy to book a time which usually isn't that easy seeing as I'm always busy and you have a tight schedule also. What surprised me most was that even though you just recently hurt your back you didn't let it discourage you and kept your word on meeting with me to take my pictures. At first, I have to say I was nervous but after a couple of minutes that flew out the window and I had a lot of fun. Lastly, I'm in love with the pictures and I can say the same for my family and friends. I booked a time, you took the pictures and it was as easy as that."